Analysis and design of HR personnel selection system

Human resources are the most important assets that a company has and for every project, every change must first be secured with people, with human resources.

Their effective management and use are the keys to its success. It is often said that “an organization is as good as its staff”. The topic of effective employment is especially relevant today – in today’s complex and changing economic environment. Reference: “Monitoring and evaluation of human resources management“,

There are more and more supporters of the notion that the decisive factor in whether or not a company will survive in an unfavorable market situation is the ability of its employees to meet the challenges of the times.

Staff formation

Staff formation is one of the most important activities of the organization, and plays a crucial role in the human resource management system – their quality selection largely determines the development of other subsystems such as professional qualifications of employees, their motivation, and incentives to join the goals of the organization. Reference: “Creating a human resources management system“,

The formation of the staff is an activity of staffing the organization with the necessary associates in terms of quality and quantity.

It is carried out following the policy and strategy of the organization for staff development and its business plan.

During the formation, four relatively independent activities were established: recruitment, selection, appointment, and dismissal of staff. Reference: “Methods for designing the human resources management system“,

The selection of job candidates

The selection of candidates for a job in the company is an activity of attracting suitable candidates for a certain position, assessing their qualities in terms of the requirements of the position and the organization, and deciding who to make a job offer to. Reference: “Development of human resources management projects“,

The aim is to provide the most suitable person for the position.

In the article, the object of analysis will be the personnel selection system in an exemplary company ProSoft working in the field computer industry.

ProSoft provides its customers with modern information solutions based on an in-depth study of their specific needs and requirements.

He is mainly involved in computer assembly and software development, which causes many differences in staffing requirements.

ProSoft organizes a significant part of its work on a project basis and it is therefore important to track the impact of the problem of recruitment as an element of project management. in this sense it is an integral part of the overall policy of the company. Reference: “Objectives of Human Resources Management (HRM)“,

Human Resources Directorate

As a separate unit in ProSoft, the Human Resources Directorate was separated in 1996.

The work of human resources specialists does not start from scratch. Since the establishment of the company in 1990, the work of recruitment and selection is carried out with the help of highly qualified specialists (consultants) in this field.

In 1998, the company used Hill International’s consulting services to recruit staff.

However, in addition, candidates are tested with a battery of tests used in ProSoft and different from those of external consultants. A comparison of the results revealed that they were comparable.

It’s like “adjusting the clock” and the company is gaining even more confidence in this regard. After the use of external consultants from 1990 to 1998, in 1999 the Human Resources Directorate was filled with highly qualified specialists.

It can be said that ProSoft has a completed cycle – high theoretical and scientific training of the associates in the directorate, who are also teachers in the best universities in our country, combined with specific practical activities. Reference: “Design of a human resources management system”,

Given these facts, the company gradually moved to the use and application of its tools for measuring the skills and abilities of job applicants.

What is valuable and significant in this regard is that the tests used are not applied mechanically, but are consistent with and take into account the specific socio-cultural realities and traditions.


We need young professionals, but with some experience in working with the listed products, mostly people with software skills, while there are enough hardware professionals. is interested in qualities such as:

  • Education and qualification;
  • General and emotional intelligence;
  • Work experience;
  • Individuality;
  • Interests;
  • Motivation.

Two information channels are used in determining the requirements for the candidates:

The requirements of the position;

Information from people who know the job well.

The opinion of managers and colleagues in the respective unit in which the position is vacant is taken into account.

Problems in formulating the requirements of the position
One of the main problems in formulating the requirements of the position to the qualities of its executor is the linking of the respective work tasks with the specific qualities of the candidates for its employment.

Recently, the method of essential work tasks has been used.

He recommends first defining the relevant job tasks that characterize the content of the position and then formulating the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the successful completion of each task, including the information that the employee must have to perform successfully. his job responsibilities and skills are what he must be able to perform the relevant parts of the position, and attitudes are the attitudes that the employee must show towards his work tasks. Reference: “Development of the Human Resources Management (HRM) concept“,

The high level of unemployment facilitates the selection of staff, here unemployment is manifested in its second function – that of a resource for the economy, but at the same time, it deprives young university graduates of the opportunity to gain some experience and leads to their disqualification.

Therefore, the company’s policy must take into account these facts, but some minimal experience in the field of computers and new technologies is still needed.

The motivation of the staff is the second big problem, ProSoft tries to motivate its employees with high pay and opportunities for growth horizontally and vertically in the structure of the company.

Directly related to the issue of motivation is the issue of retention of staff, the difference in pay in this area at home and abroad is huge, it is becoming increasingly difficult to motivate staff to stay in the country and work 5-6 times. -lower salary, in addition, the outflow of staff harms the quality of company production.


Computer companies place ads in national, local, and regional newspapers, others in specialized magazines, on websites, and some use intermediary agencies.

However, most employers do not use any of these recruitment methods but rely on personal contacts and research, and applications. Which methods are used depends largely on the company itself, although there are some trends.

Larger organizations are more likely to advertise vacancies than smaller ones, which are more likely to hire based on personal contacts. Reference: “Analysis of human resources management (HRM) system“,

Companies in the information technology sector tend to advertise more than those in the creative sector, such as design, advertising, and photography.

The Directorate / Project Manager / in ProSoft uses a wide range of methods in recruiting and searching for job candidates in the company:

Search through advertisements in the media;

Search through ads in higher education institutions;

Direct search through the managers of directorates and specialists (personal contacts).

At this stage, the aim is to attract not those who want to fill the vacancy at all, but only those candidates who could effectively fill the proposed position.

The advertisements in the mass media are aimed at attracting candidates who are already working somewhere, but who are still looking for a better job.

Advertising provides an opportunity to attract the reader’s attention, arouse interest in the vacancy, create a desire to work in this position, and encourage the reader to specific actions to make contact with the company offering the position.

Announcements in educational institutions, mainly higher and vocational schools, are already established as a practice locally, in the form of meetings with students, where information is provided about the state and prospects for development of the company and the opportunities it provides as an employer.

Students are given the opportunity in the first years of study for scholarships and internships during the holidays.

The direct search for candidates through verbal advertising through informal contacts works flawlessly and is the main channel for providing staff, especially for senior positions.

The reason for this is that people who informally present a candidate for the vacant position are extremely careful as they stake their reputation on the recommendation and can damage their relationships in society.