For HR managers: Digital transformation in people management processes

The fast-paced world we live in requires changes to ease our daily lives.

We all know that the human factor and its influence sit in the foundation of a successful business. For an employee to be successful, he must be truly committed to the company he works for. This is where the human resources specialist enters this main role.

It must provide an adequate and pleasant working atmosphere, as well as involve and engage the company’s employees so that they feel that they are part of a larger whole in which they want to stay. Business is changing dynamically and we have to go with it and adapt to meet its needs.

A good example of digitization in HR processes is the company Morcode Sofia, which uses various remote work platforms so that employees can work from home.

Also, the company shares information in the “cloud” so that it is available to all employees in a department, it is this flexibility that greatly facilitates work processes. Reference: “Five myths about digitization in HR management”,

In this way, everything is done with ease, and teamwork stands out in the foreground, which leads to the new and preferred by Generation Z – horizontal work models.

The selection also takes place online to avoid waiting for the state of emergency that the country is in. This digitization saves money, consumables, and transport costs, but above all, time, which is actually the most valuable to us!

It is important to note that it is extremely easy to make inquiries about people on social networks, and this in itself is also an opportunity to contact the right ones without them applying themselves.

This is also the time to mention how good a job an HRM system does, which with just one click allows access to any inquiries regarding sick leave, vacations, salaries, etc.

All these tools that HR uses to facilitate both his daily life and others, allow him to spend time on other important things such as training for the purpose of staff development.

This is how the wheel turns and we go back to the beginning, where we talked about how important it is for employees to be truly engaged with the company they work for and to feel that they are valuable to it, because human capital is at the heart of a successful company. business.