Why do you want to study project management?

Project management is a modern activity that manages the projects of many organizations. In this article, we present an interview with Julia Williams, who is currently studying for a project manager and is already one. Also, she is already an author in the online edition

From an early age, I was put in charge of various tasks and projects. I was the man who was always asked to speak on behalf of everyone else.

I have taken on responsibilities not only at school or at work, but also personally to the people around me. This has helped me develop excellent managerial and mentoring skills over the years.

On the other hand, I’ve always had a huge interest in computers, and more specifically how the software works. Science and technology have inspired me greatly and I am currently working in the IT field as a Junior Software Engineer in Test.

My work largely includes developing automated and sometimes mechanical software tests, bug reporting, system troubleshooting, and code checking/correction.

I work closely with programmers, engineers, and other professionals to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

I want to be a project manager because this position combines the two things I love to work with the most: technology and people.

I believe that I have the necessary personal skills to be unsurpassed in my work and I am at a stage where I want to gain the right techniques, knowledge, and practices for this role.

What qualities or skills do you think will be useful in project management?

The first personal quality I know will be very useful in my work is my organization. I know how to organize my time, communication, work and I often help to organize the people around me.

I am an extremely practical and purposeful person. I have high standards for myself, my work, and the people around me. I always manage to complete a task in the best possible way, and if this does not seem possible in some cases, I know how to find good and innovative solutions to every problem. Read more: “I am already a certified project manager with a diploma“,

I am an excellent communicator. I know how to make people see things from a different point of view, but at the same time, I know how to listen and pay attention to the wishes of the other person. In this way, I can also find trade-offs for different types of situations.

My technical literacy and knowledge help me to be connected to the internal processes that are significantly important for the creation of a product.

The adaptability and calmness have served me more than once in extremely tense or stressful situations.

Read more: “The new certified project manager: sample presentation”,

What features or bad habits do you think will prevent you from doing your project management job well?

Answer: In many situations, I am used to being responsible for performing one task down to the smallest detail. In project management, I realize that I will have to entrust this task to my colleagues while I focus on responsibilities of greater importance.

The way I will overcome this need to deal with the smallest detail is by trusting that the people involved in this work know very well what they are doing.

Also, as I mentioned above, I am extremely purposeful. I will be able to divert my attention instantly from what is not my responsibility and focus on what is.

A project manager or Product Owner

As a realization for the future, I see myself as a Product Owner rather than a project manager. I worked as a Product Manager, but not in a company using Agile. I like the job and I have a great desire to learn how to apply Scrum and work as a Product Owner.

I chose the first course to gain knowledge of the Product Owner role because it includes basic concepts about Scrum. I am familiar with some of them and I have a basic knowledge of Agile, which I want to upgrade through the courses here.

At Scrum, I like that you have contact with the client and he is part of the process. I am not a supporter of the method in which we promise everything to the client – a dream product and impossible deadlines, and we leave him waiting. When he is part of the process and in the course of what and how is happening, the chance that his expectations will finally be met is almost certain.

The other thing that attracted me to enroll in the course is that in this way of working (with sprints) people focus on certain tasks, which reduces the chances of mistakes. Usually, in most companies, you want the exact opposite – to do everything at once and a variety of tasks. Which we know leads to a lot of stress and bad results.

I think the role of Product Owner would suit me better. I am good at product management, I am over 3 years old. experience, I do quite well in organizing and setting tasks and this makes me think that I can develop well as a Product Owner.

I expect to be able to work with young and energetic people, to learn more about new and future technologies.

What are the things that worry you the most at this stage?

That he has to completely rethink and change the way he works. Because so far I have worked in companies where the Waterfall model is used. This is a challenge that I think I have grown up to learn by studying the Agile methodology.

It worries me that despite my experience as a manager, it will be difficult for me to find a job in the beginning because I have no experience in IT companies.

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What problems do you think you will have in your work as a project manager?

In the beginning, when I started working, I would have to master the responsibilities and the implementation of the Scrum framework itself.
So far, I have held three different positions and I was able to quickly enter each of them.

That is why I am not bothered by the daily tasks, I am disciplined and purposeful, I will master them, as always so far when starting a new job. Therefore, my main concern is the retraining itself and the change of thinking.

Of course, understanding the product, breaking it down into tasks, in the beginning, will certainly be difficult for me, as well as until I find out which team has what strengths and weaknesses and how to distribute the tasks. And the different ways of communicating with the client.

I can say for myself in the end that I am a creative person who knows how to work in a team. After all, we are all here to work with the same ultimate goal – the well-being of the company. I know how to plan and control the situation.

I am aware that sometimes deadlines will put pressure on us and we will have to work under stress, but I want you to know that this does not bother me. My professional experience so far has taught me to deal with extreme situations.

If the company has established practices or specific requirements for staff, I am ready to learn and follow them, but I also want you to know that you can expect from me proposals for changes in processes or practices that are not in line with the modern way of the company.

I am here to try to control all the situations and changes that are coming and you can count on me for that. I am always available to discuss plans for the future of the company.